Where to Use our Mexican River Rocks?

Wylie-Decorative-Rocks-Mexican-Beach-Pebbles-Wholesale-Dallas-Fort-Worth-TexasMexican Beach Pebbles are used in Commercial Landscape and Hardscape Jobs, such as Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Shopping Centers, etc.

In Residential Projects such as: Flower Beds, Water Features, Driveways, Patios, etc.

Decorative Rocks serve many purposes in the landscape, from acting as a border or edging to adding accents to planting beds.

Decorative Rocks don’t require watering, fertilizing or mowing. If you place landscape cloth underneath the rocks, you eliminate weeding. Rocks fit in a naturalized landscape or formal garden. They come in a variety of natural and beautiful colors from off-white, to black, in one-quarter-inch to 24 inch sizes.

Our vast Natural Rock Inventory, makes easy for your customers to find the Exact Pebble type, color and size they desire.

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